Our History

GMC Training Institute was founded in 1999 by its president Gloria Mendoza.  Gloria has many years of experience in providing employment and training services to government and private employers.  As a local business woman who was educated and raised in the Yakima Valley, she understands the local work force needs and has created a team of professionals that are committed to developing a curriculum that addresses the state and local standards and is sensitive to the local workforce and businesses. 


Our Mission

GMC Training Institute was created to serve our community by providing quality, accessible, flexible education and vocational skill based training in an atmosphere that supports bilingual/bicultural differences to enhance our local workforce and improve the economy and strengthen the population of our local communities.


Our Vision

GMC Training Institute will continue to evolve with the employment industry and will create and provide quality, customized education and training to supply the demands of a qualified workforce.  GMC Training Institute is committed to providing support services that improve the quality of life of community members. 


Our Services

GMC TI provides vocational skills training and basic educational instruction for individuals to compete in today’s ever-changing workforce.  We train individuals to master a range of skills from basic education to vocational skill training.  As a Private Institute, we offer quality, innovative and accessible skills training.

GMC TI’s professional staff is dedicated to creating an environment for students which promotes individual creativity, professional growth and that will encourage each student to achieve his or her highest potential.

As a private training institute we offer competitive tuition costs for all of our classes.  You might be eligible to government resources that may pay for all or part of your training cost.  We receive a great amount of referrals from local and inner state, counseling, employment, and training agencies.  Please contact us to learn more about training costs.