English as a Second Language (ESL)

GMC Training Institute's ESL Program is structured into five modules.  Each module is supported by a level of Rosetta Stone, in and out of classroom assignments, and a unit of conversational English. 

Module One:

Rosetta Stone Level One

Level one of Rosetta Stone focuses on building a foundation of essential vocabulary and phrases.

  • Unit One: Language Basics
  • Unit Two: Greetings and Introduction
  • Unit Three: Work and School
  • Unit Four: Shopping

Introduction to Present Tense

  • Basic Grammar
  • Subject Pronouns and Verbs
  • Formulating Sentences in Present Tense
  • Understanding Homophones

Conversational English

  • Basic Greeting and Introduction

Module Two:

Rosetta Stone Level Two

Level two of Rosetta Stone focuses on continuing to build on your language structure by emphasizing the environment and basic social interactions. 

  • Unit One: Travel
  • Unit Two: Past and Future
  • Unit Three: Friends and Social Life
  • Dining and Vacation

Introduction to Future Tense

  • Imperatives
  • Formulating Sentences in Future Tense

Conversational English

  • Talking About the Future

Module Three:

Rosetta Stone Level Three

Level three of Rosetta Stone connects you with the world.

  • Unit One: Home and Health
  • Unit Two: Life and World
  • Unit Three: Everyday Things
  • Unit Four: Places and Events

Introduction Past Tense

  • Pronouns
  • Contractions
  • Adjectives
  • Regular and Irregular Verbs
  • Formulating Sentences in Past Tense

Conversational English

  • Expanding vocabulary 
  • Expression and discussion of Opinions

Module Four:

Rosetta Stone Level Four

Level four of Rosetta Stone helps strengthen your command of the language and further develops your conversational skills. 

  • Unit One: Tourism and Recreation
  • Unit Two: Professions and Hobbies
  • Unit Three: At Home and Around Town
  • Unit Four: Style and Personal Wellness

Introduction to past Participles

  • Understanding Past Participles
  • The Present Perfect Tense
  • Contractions in the Present Perfect Tense
  • The Past Perfect Tense
  • Contractions in the Past Perfect Tense

Conversation English

  • Reading texts/books
  • Subject Conversations

Module Five:

Rosetta Stone Level Five

Level five of Rosetta Stone helps you refine the skills you have obtained in the past four levels.

  • Unit One: Business and Industry
  • Unit Two: Arts and Academics
  • Unit Three: Emergency Situations
  • Unit Four: Family and Community 

Conversational English

  • Reading Higher Level Text
  • Topic Conversations

Customized ESL Classes are available upon request

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